Audience Experience
National Sales Convention
For a client that sought to inspire passion in their employees, your traditional sales convention just wouldn’t do. Why not instead deliver the energy, atmosphere and scale of a rock concert?


Primerica’s national sales convention packs more than 50,000 attendees into the Georgia Dome. For an event of this magnitude, a lot has to happen, while maintaining unity of vision and messaging across a number of different disciplines. Rather than risking extra costs and inconsistencies with multiple handoffs, Switch mobilized a full range of integrated services and resources all living under the same roof. From creating an initial concept and theme, to designing scenery, creating animation and drafting schematics, Switch put in 600+ hours of pre-production time to take the project from start to finish in just 6 months.

The result was a seamless production spanning three days, using eight tech directors working together to sync video, audio, stage automation, lighting and special effects to create one epic event. The whole endeavor required four tractor-trailer trucks from Switch alone to transport the sophisticated set to Georgia, and over 30 tractor-trailer loads of gear more from a variety of specialist vendors across the United States.

Primerica was so pleased with the results they’ve invited Switch back to do it all again, for a current total of 15 years straight.

50,000 attendees
$44 million impact on Atlanta economy
600 hours pre-production work
8 live and recorded media series
4.94 miles of wire rope bridle rigging
2,300 square feet LED screening
500+ pyrotechnic devices
44 feet of moving truss
6,000 lbs of flown speakers
27 separate video display surfaces
195 intelligent light fixtures
Research & Planning
Concept/Creative Development
Sound Design
Event Management & Staffing
Video & Motion Graphics
3D Animation Editing
Fabrication Studio
Production & Staging Equipment
Print Studio
Editing Suites
Recording Studio
Joseph Farrell
Executive Producer
Alan Davidson
Technical Director
Alex Gioia
Technical Director
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Chris Jobst
Director, Business Development
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