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PTV Hydration Activation Program

When Powerade deployed its Switch-operated Powerade Tasting Vehicles (PTVs) across the country, a uniquely sports-focused activation was needed for the brand to connect with young athletes in an authentically physical way. Switch worked hand-in-hand with the Powerade brand team to create a variety of different athletically-geared activities to quench the competitive thirst for a physical challenge.

Activating at various sporting events – from varsity football games, to Powerade-sponsored 3v3 streetball tournaments, to the NCAA Final Four – athletes and fans alike had their athletic abilities put to the test. Wanting to maintain authenticity with young athletes, activities featured at youth camp activations included actual sports exercises, training drills and agility tests. Crowds gathered around the vertical leap (the same kind of device used at the NFL combine) to watch volunteer participants showcase their ups.
Since not everyone boasts the physical prowess of a blue chip prospect, the challenges weren’t just limited to speed and agility. Small-scale all-in-one “Pop-a-shot” games were nimble and versatile tests of accuracy. Quickly set up on the side of fleet vans, they featured a removable basketball hoop and backboards with target holes for both baseballs and footballs, allowing for use at various sporting events. Even aspiring soccer stars had a chance to bend it like Beckham and park a shot in the corner of a goal, which included interchangeable target backdrops with holes sized to accommodate a well-placed fastball or a tight spiral headed for the endzone.
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