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Natural Light Nattmosphere
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As the economy continued to worsen, the fight for the value beer consumer heated up, with increased digital and social spending from Miller-Coors in support of their Keystone brand.
Targeting the highly un-loyal millennial consumer, these efforts attempted to gain share of mind and preference with a finicky demographic that consumes online content voraciously. Natural Light needed something big, something that created enough buzz to break through the clutter on websites like Funny or Die and College Humor. With less emphasis on advertising, the plan was to target an audience extremely active in social media, maximizing reach by creating a massively shareable piece of content.

So Switch liberated Natural Light – from the laws of gravity. Entitled “Into the Nattmosphere – The First Beer in Space,” Switch filmed a can of Natural Light being secured to a cooler and then lifting off via weather balloon. Reaching the outer limits of the atmosphere before returning to earth, the whole journey was captured by an onboard camera to create breathtaking stunt footage.

Switch then seeded the video organically onto popular millennial video sites, where it became a grassroots Internet sensation. The engagement stats speak for themselves, creating invaluable exposure in a category where 90% of beer sales are drive by word of mouth.

1,250,000+ YouTube views
260,000+ 3rd party views + earned media
1.96% average Facebook engagement rate
89.9% people talking about this on Facebook
46.9% weekly total reach on Facebook
Mentioned in Jimmy Fallon monologue
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