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Sprint Cup Series Champion's Week
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week comes but once a year – and for 2014, it was on Switch to take the three-day event to the fans. For the sixth consecutive year, Champion’s Week was set to unfold in Las Vegas, the land flowing with champagne bubbles and poker chips. Our mission: Deliver an experience bold enough to feed NASCAR fans’ obsession and inclusive enough to draw in casual tourists amidst the exciting, dynamic Vegas backdrop. Challenge accepted.
In Vegas, a successful activation starts with the ideal location. For our Fan Headquarters, we wanted the newest, hottest property on The Strip – The LINQ. This open-air shopping and entertainment district is home to dozens of boutiques, restaurants and bars and is elegantly anchored by the world’s tallest observation wheel, the High Roller. With in-house design and fabrication control, Switch ensured consistency and quality of branding was at Champion-level. Through branding the activation Live at the LINQ, Switch enveloped the entertainment district in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series’ signature black and gold and orchestrated a schedule of events to establish The LINQ as the official hub of all Champion’s Week activities.
Throughout the three-day event, NASCAR fans and casual shoppers perused the promenade for close-up looks and pics of the Top 16 show cars and flocked to the main stage for Champion’s Week entertainment. Victory Lap, the highly anticipated run of NASCAR drivers and their cars up and down Las Vegas Blvd., delivered all the engine revving and smoky burnouts the crowds were craving.
New to Champion’s Week 2014 was the Pit Pass Check-in, an RFID- and social media-driven scavenger hunt spanning several blocks of Las Vegas Boulevard. Visitors registered to receive a custom lanyard before dispersing to check in at various locations and partner activations for the chance to win a trip to the 2015 Daytona 500. Data collected was then aggregated by NASCAR and shared with partners and location hosts, making it actionable for immediate and future offers.
NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week is the kind of project that gets those of us at Switch out of bed in the morning. With the expansive list of resources, services and planning needed to activate Live at the LINQ, Pit Pass Check-In and Victory Lap, Champion’s Week required all hands on deck. From microsite creation to talent recruiting to production and delivery (via semi-trailer truck) of enormous, branded signage, Switch immersed itself in NASCAR culture to ensure all was on point. We poured our hearts and souls into NASCAR’s annual celebration of an outstanding season – and it showed.
3 days, 10am-8pm
1,000 participants in Pit Pass Check-in
3,182 posts on social media, 529 generated from Pit Pass Check-Ins
46.9 million impressions on social channels
27,905 unique website visitors
8.4 miles of high speed fun on the Las Vegas Strip
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