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When top Red Bull executives set out on their own to start Muscle Milk, they knew they wanted to duplicate their former brand’s field marketing success, but they also knew they could no longer use the Red Bull team. Their solution? Contact Switch, an agency with an established reputation for breakthrough field marketing.
Switch moved to liberate Muscle Milk from scattershot sampling and focus on a narrower, more strategic target. Drawing on collected knowledge of the college market, Switch knew campuses would offer captive audiences with buying power and a tendency toward brand loyalty – perfect for a new brand like Muscle Milk.
Also knowing that peer-to-peer marketing is especially effective for college students, Switch decided to elevate the discipline from using brand ambassadors to using brand advocates, promoting the total Muscle Milk lifestyle as well as sampling.
Dubbed the Fitness Education Team and deployed at more than 50 college campuses across the country, Switch recruited and staffed lifestyle influencers to sample and promote Muscle Milk. The selected students had strong relationships within campus groups, allowing them to plan and create dynamic engagement opportunities to extend Muscle Milk’s reach beyond college athletes to active students campus wide. The successful activities developed naturally out of the influencers’ lifestyle, including support for finals and intramurals, as well as self-made events like push- up contests and Greek Olympics.
600% increase in sales since 2009
Sales surpassed $250 million since program kick-off
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