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Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
When Coca-Cola celebrated its 100th birthday in 1984, they also celebrated the inception of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation — a program that supports over 1,400 college students each year, with annual scholarships of $3.4 million through two nationally recognized programs on behalf of the Coca-Cola System.
Each year, the Scholarship Foundation celebrates the incoming class with a memorable banquet event to recognize the class of incoming award recipients while demonstrating the values represented by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.

Switch produced the event from start to finish, developing opening video content and scenic treatments around the theme “Commit, Celebrate, Connect”, while bringing ideas to life with personal, “self-directed content” stories captured by scholars around the country. In addition to producing all scenic and tech, Switch also handled all behind-the-scenes, including staging the commencement of 250 students and coordinating all presentations, including celebrity management.

The event featured keynote speakers such as world-renowned actor and philanthropist Morgan Freeman, as well as music from prestigious performers like Broadway star Philip McAdoo and the Clark Atlanta University Philharmonic Society. This atmosphere of excellence ensured that the banquet was consistently unforgettable. With alumni, sponsors, and foundation executives sharing their passion for the work of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, the guests left the ballroom each year with a sense of anticipation for their new roles in contributing to the creation of a better world.

250 Coca-Cola Scholars each year
1,100 leaders, partners, friends and family of the foundation at each event
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Event Management & Staffing
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Celebrity Management
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Sr. Creative Director
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Director of Production
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Technical Director
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Senior Producer
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Technical Director
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