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Climax Moonshine Product Launch
Climax Moonshine
After rising to fame via Discovery Channel’s “docudrama” series, Moonshiners, Tim Smith was determined to turn his hobby into a legitimate, flourishing business. Our team of Field Brand Representatives introduced consumers of micro-beer, bourbon and vodka to the craft and lifestyle of Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine.
Launching a new brand is tough. It’s even tougher when relying on wines and spirits partners who have a long list of established brands taking share of mind and shelf from you and your launch. Enter the solution: a Field Brand Representative (FBR). Switch created this hybrid field role to make the most of Climax Moonshine’s product launch.
Each FBR, specifically recruited for his or her experience in the spirits category and local acumen, managed all sales contacts, lead generation and retailer education. In addition to tracking all event data, they also monitored sales and placement information using our SMRT tool, giving the brand real-time information via their custom dashboard.
Program focused on the SE region; from Carolinas to GA and beyond
Secured over 150 retail placements
Activated over 50 in-market events
Sampled hundreds of consumers
Worked with multiple distributors and their distribution networks
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Event Management & Staffing
Field Marketing
Event Management
Mike LaMartina
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Scott Burns
Rosie Ford
Stafford Warneke
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