We believe in liberation.
Human Experiences Require Human Understanding

All of our thinking is guided by the structure of strategic insight. We combine brand insights with our knowledge of the people we are trying to connect with to form the strategic foundation for our experiences.

When we create any human experience, we start with those we are creating for - the people who are going to actually experience the experience.

Hitting the Mark Means Knowing the Target

We value data – and the stories and strategy it can reveal. Research and planning form the foundation for everything we do.

It’s an intensive process, a deep dive into learning everything we can about the people we are trying to influence, uncovering human truths through: their habits, preferences and motivation, along with psychographics, demographics, technographics and everything in between.

Using our own data collection and analysis methods, we’ve built a base of knowledge to which we continually add. New information is combined with established expertise collected from our past activations. Measurement is the only way to determine true effect over time, finishing the equation and closing the loop on our process. In a time when trends and technology can change by the minute, we stay ahead of the curve.

Our Process is Guided by Strategy
We take pride in the intensity of our investigation. Only the difficult questions are worth asking, allowing us to understand what motivates people on a human level. Combining that knowledge with the right data can add laser focus to a campaign.
The Switch process is iterative.
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