We have an unfair advantage.
We Have an Unfair Advantage
All of our capabilities are designed for integration. That’s how we exceed client expectations, offering real experiences for real people never thought possible from a single agency.
Branded Content
Branding & Design
Business Meetings & Events
Consumer Events
Digital & Social
Influencer Programs
Mobile Tours
Sampling & Field Marketing
Shopper Marketing
Trade Shows & Exhibits
We Get to Say “Yes” a Lot
Our employees support our capabilities. Our capabilities define our employees. With everyone under the same roof, we can operate as a single cohesive entity.
We’ve known this from the start. That’s why we built from the ground up to include in-house essentials – ones other agencies need to go out of house to access. Having all our people and all our tools in one place creates better collaboration between teams, giving us more control over the entire process from concept to production.
Switch in-house resources include a fabrication studio, print studio, editing suites, recording studio, equipment rental and staffing.
SMRT Field Management
Monitor engagements, track logistics, capture data and provide KPI reporting, all using our proprietary web-based responsive platform.
SMRT is a mobile responsive web-based field management solution.
SMRT can be accessed from desktop, tablet and smart phone to collect and analyze data from the field. With a customizable dashboard and the ability to interface with a number of different data capture devices, SMRT easily adapts to the specific needs of any client project.
To find out more about SMRT and what it can do for you, contact:
Chris Jobst
Director, Business Development
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