Meetings & Events / 02.17.17 / Katie Cambron
We Don’t Stop

While most people enjoyed time off during the New Year, we were running our own type of marathon, racing from plane to plane for event productions across the country.

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Meetings & Events / 06.08.16 / Terry Lee
Preliminary Steps to Maximize Your ROE (Return on Event)

Last month, Switch collaborated with Arts & Education Council to host an Art Makers learning session – a free event catered toward not-for-profit movers and shakers.

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How To, Meetings & Events / 04.21.16 / Joseph Farell
Motivating & Recharging … IRL

At the heart of B2B meetings and live events is a shared experience, one that has the power to motivate, inspire and unite. In this post, Joe Farell discusses motivating internal teams with impactful meetings.

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Meetings & Events / 04.10.16 / Gregg Eilers
Awe-Inspiring … That’s The Ticket

Gregg Eilers, VP, Business Meetings + Live Events, shares what makes live content "click" with the audience. Strap in, sit back and experience the Power of Awe.

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