How To / 06.13.16 / Switch
5 Considerations for Sampling Spirits

Summer’s extended daylight and higher temperatures sets the stage for connecting your brand to its audience. Whether your goal is to generate awareness and sales for an emerging product or rally excitement and loyalty for an established brand, sampling product is an appealing strategy.

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How To / 05.10.16 / Emily Heath
Try on the Hat: Production Assistant Tips from a Newbie

Working as an administrative coordinator at Switch can have you wearing many hats – and sometimes those hats are a tad outside your comfort zone. In this post, Emily Heath shares some advice she's learned back stage as a Production Assistant.

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How To, Meetings & Events / 04.21.16 / Joseph Farell
Motivating & Recharging … IRL

At the heart of B2B meetings and live events is a shared experience, one that has the power to motivate, inspire and unite. In this post, Joe Farell discusses motivating internal teams with impactful meetings.

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How To / 03.14.16 / Terry Hobbs
How to Get Your Emerging Brand Noticed

Before your emerging brand makes an investment in field marketing tours and festival sponsorships, there are some simple factors to consider to really get the wheels rolling.

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