Digital / 03.22.16 / Josh Kell
Why Virtual Reality Was Virtually Everywhere at SXSW

Earlier this month, several Switchers trekked to Austin to experience SXSW Interactive, a whirlwind of conferences, technology demonstrations, live music, panels and more. In this recap, we share our observations of the VR landscape ... and beyond.

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Digital, Meetings & Events / 08.03.15 / Switch
The Constant Motion of Real-Time, On-Site, On-Message Motion Graphics

For Primerica’s biennial convention, Switch took the meeting’s theme – It’s Time – literally, crafting messaging via video motion graphics in real-time on show site, continuously engaging the audience and keeping pace with the mood and motivations of the event. How can you determine if on-site editing is a must for your meeting or event?

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Digital / 03.21.15 / Steve Kozel
Image Concept #2: Raster vs. Vector

In Part Two of his series, Steve calls on his favorite color palette – red, white and blue – to show the differences between vector and raster image formats. Let's do this, America!

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Digital / 03.07.15 / Steve Kozel
Image Concepts Every Red-Blooded American Should Know

One of our talented Digital Print Specialists breaks down some otherwise confusing concepts in this anthem of image printing best practices. The vibe is unabashed Americana, so crack open a cold Bud and let’s dive in.

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